Healthy Eating

218 Christie Lake North Shore Rd.

 Perth, On K7H 3C6 

514-518-6780 or [email protected]

Garlic this year will be Music and Ukranian.

Our Maple Syrup is sold out.

Why We're Here

We are pleased to offer fresh vegetables daily at our stand. 

Or visit us at the Perth,ON Farmer's Market on Saturday At the Crystal Palace Mornings 08:30-12:30

Visit our roadside stand for delicious organic vegetables

The week of July 8th we will have new garlic, the last of the garlic scapes, some zucchini and  green and yellow beans,radish, beets and cucumbers.

Russian, Ukranian, German, and Music Garlic

Bell, Cayanne, and Jalapena Peppers. Yellow, White, and Red Onions.

Tomatoes. Potatos. Green and Yellow Beans. Beets.

Carrots. Zucchini. Squash. Cucumbers.  Red and Green Cabbage.

To Learn More, Please Call:

514-518-6780 or email [email protected]

Come and visit our roadside stand

The best garlic in Eastern Ontario

Brad Norrad and Carol Chatland - Chatnor Farms

Fresh Organic Vegetables Daily